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Helped Nerve Damage in Toes

As you can see from the reviews below РI have had a wristband since June of last year. I had a band with 2 units. It helped the nerve damage in in toes so much! I loved it. However I got to wondering what if I went to 4 units. I received it in the mail today. I have had it on 10 minutes and not only is does my toes feel normal Рit has already started improving the neuropathy in my fingers as well. And this is just in 10 minutes! I expect wonderful results. I plan to order a spare wristband to pack in my suitcase. I have no desire to do any length of time without one of these on. They give me the ability to live a normal life. thanks for the product. I no there are a lot of folks who doubt they work. All I can say is I think they are the most wonderful thing I have found.

Diane C.

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Testimonial from Dan P

Many of you know of my health problems since 2008 with my stroke which effected my balance, and then hip replacements and back surgery in 2011 & 2013. A few months after my stroke I was in North Myrtle Beach and went to the indoor flea market and ran across PBSBands. He let me put one on and walk around the store. I felt more stable and balanced in my walking so I bought one. I wore it for a long time and somehow lost it. I was back down there a few weeks ago and Pat and I bought one for each of us. She had been having some sciatic nerve problems in her back and her hands and fingers hurt a lot from typing and doing paper work at he job. Since then we both have been doing better and decided to get in to their referral program so we could help our friends, family, and others get some relief from their problems.

from Dan P – Spartanburg, SC

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Testimonial from Ashley P

Sciatic Nerve Pain in Hip is Gone!

I don’t know if you remember me, but I purchased a band from you a little over a week ago while I was on vacation. I was the “weird” girl who had issues with vertigo and my hip/sciatic nerve. I’ve been wearing the band non-stop since buying it. My husband noticed an immediate change in my balance and walking. Now a little over a week later, I’ve noticed big changes!! My hip pain is 100% GONE, I can walk, sit, sleep, run, whatever with absolutely no pain! My vertigo still gives me occasional issues, but it is improving! I’m so glad that I found your booth and this product…thank you for changing my life! I cannot wait to tell others about the PBS wristband and it’s amazing results!!!