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Testimonial from Ashley P

Sciatic Nerve Pain in Hip is Gone!

I don’t know if you remember me, but I purchased a band from you a little over a week ago while I was on vacation. I was the “weird” girl who had issues with vertigo and my hip/sciatic nerve. I’ve been wearing the band non-stop since buying it. My husband noticed an immediate change in my balance and walking. Now a little over a week later, I’ve noticed big changes!! My hip pain is 100% GONE, I can walk, sit, sleep, run, whatever with absolutely no pain! My vertigo still gives me occasional issues, but it is improving! I’m so glad that I found your booth and this product…thank you for changing my life! I cannot wait to tell others about the PBS wristband and it’s amazing results!!!

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Testimonial from Ken R

Hi Marty,

During the winter I visited you booth and bought one of your PBS Bands after the balance test..I have been wearing it now for about three months and have experienced some very positive changes, my balance is much better, my hip is pain free and believe it or not, I have been sleeping much better because I am pain free..I now have a second PBS Band which I wear on my ankle, I would recommend this product to anyone..

Ken R., Sackville, N.S., Canada