PBS band is really a blessing to me


I am sorry that I have not taken the time to write this note to you before but I have been very busy. I had seen the i-renew bracelet advertised on TV and I placed an order. It did not come and it did not come and I called and they said it was on a 6 to 14 week back order. I thought they were a rip off so I just chalked it off and did not believe it would work.

I had a friend return from your neck of the woods and he was super excited about telling me about the bracelet that he had gotten from you and I was super interested in seeing it because I had suffered a stroke in 2000 and my balance is totally off. I cannot stand up straight without holding onto something. I had trouble getting around without holding on to my wife. I was a mess. My friend told me about the PBS band and I wanted to try it right that minute. We met at a restaurant and he demoed to me and I could not believe it. This thing actually worked. I am able to stand and walk with total balance. I was so excited that I called you and ordered two bracelets shipped overnight.

I sleep in mine. I take a shower with mine on. I wear it constantly and will not part with it. I have demoed it to many of my friends and have order 8 so far and today and I am ordering 4 more. My wife has placed the order. In the meantime, the order of the i-renew bracelets came and I can honestly tell you that they are absolutely nothing compared to my PBS band. They are a rip off and I just put them in box and consider them junk. I sure am glad that I got my PBS band first. I would have known.

Marty, I cannot thank you enough. Please tell people not to order the i-renew for a cheap price. There is no comparison. They will be wasting their money. It is a shame that everybody does not have the opportunity to compare. You should order a couple of the i-renews so you can demo the difference.

Thank you Marty for your great service also.

Thanks, “Al”