As promised, I am E-mailing you about the very positive results that my wife has had with the bands. I bought one for myself, just over 1 week ago, but my results are less obvious than hers. She has had several years of worsening arthritis condition throughout her body, especially her hands and legs (feet). The changes brought about by these bands ( she has two of them) in two weeks, have been quite amazing. The soreness and swelling in her fingers has basically disappeared, this is the most visually obvious change, the fingers seem to be straightening out, although they have a long way to go, but it sure is positive. There are several less obvious improvements, such as to her back and to her feet. She hasn’t had to take her drugs since one or two days after she started to wear the bands and her energy level has improved considerably, probably, because there are no more negative side effects from the drugs. She is a new person, much more relaxed, I guess, a result of having less pain to deal with. I must confess, that I have been a skeptic about some of these devices (magnets, etc.), but this has been nothing but a positive experience for us both. Thanks from both of us.
Regards, John C – Canada